500th Dispatched Call of 2022
By FF/EMT Jeff Cole
December 29, 2022

Earlier this afternoon Air 46 responded to assist Station 38 (Thorndale Fire Company) and other mutual aide with a working house fire in Caln Township. While onscene crews assisted with filling SCBA cylinders for the crews that were operating on the fire ground.

With this call it was the 500th dispatched call of 2022. This is the second consecutive year where our fire company has been dispatched to at least 500 emergencies. This increase in calls has created in increase in demand for our career and volunteer fire staff. We're always looking for new volunteer members to assist us with responding to emergencies. All training, gear, and equipment is provided at no cost. Please consider helping our good neighbor community. Simply fill out our application or visit the station any Wednesday evening starting at 6:30. Are you ready to respond?

Photos courtesy of IrishEyez Photography

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