2023 Minquas Ambulance Club Subscription Program
By Minquas Fire Co. No.2 - EMS Division
December 20, 2022

Dear Minquas Ambulance Club Member,
It’s time to renew your Minquas Ambulance Club Subscription Program membership. As in previous years,
the Minquas Ambulance Club Subscription Program purchase period for renewing memberships runs from
January 1, 2023, through December 31, 2023. Please renew your membership to extend your coverage
through December 2023.

How your Minquas EMS Subscription Benefits You!
• With a subscription, you will not be responsible for any fees charged by Minquas EMS for 911 services that are
not covered by your insurance.
• Your payment today will ensure you are covered in an emergency for a full year. The 2023 Subscription Year is
January 1, 2023-December 31, 2023
Each year Minquas EMS responds to more than 3500 emergency 911 calls helping when
emergency medical services are needed by you and your family.
a. Most users of the ambulance service never expect that they would need an ambulance
b. Ambulance services are the safest and most immediate access to a hospital in an

Minquas employs close to 50 employees ranging from Full Time to Per Diem, staffing with at least 1 Paramedic on each
ambulance that responds to a 911 emergency, being able to provide the highest level of 911 EMS care that the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania permits. With a progressive Medical Director our providers can provide care to the
fullest scope of their practice.

If you sign up for a new membership after January 1, 2023, the fee will remain the same and only be
active from date of enrollment through December 31, 2023. The cost of membership in the Minquas
Ambulance Club Subscription Program is $60 for individual, $100 for family, $50 individual senior, and $65
for senior family.

This renewal year, you will use an online platform for secure and convenient enrollment in the Minquas
Ambulance Club Subscription Program. To renew your membership through the online portal, please visit

The Activation Code is
• Individual/Family – Minquas - Senior/Senior Family – Minquas Senior
Please use the online portal for membership renewals. If you have any questions or need additional
information, please call our dedicated Membership team at (800) 814-5339.

Thank you,
Chief Andrew Steward

Attachment Minquas Fire Company No. 2 Renewal Letter 2023.pdf  (254k)