Record Year for Emergency Calls in 2021
By Firefighter Jeff Cole
January 12, 2022

In 2021 Minquas Fire Company No. 2 was dispatched to 509 fire calls and 3,062 EMS calls. These are the highest call totals for Fire & EMS in the history of the fire company. Fire calls include: fire alarms, gas/CO leaks, auto accidents, mutual aid assists, water rescues, EMS assists, trash/vegetation/car fires, and house/commercial fires. As Downingtown continues to develop and more people join our Downingtown community it creates a greater demand for our services. Our volunteers and EMS career staff worked extra hard this year to ensure everyone who needed us received the best and most professional care possible. We pride ourselves on our dedication to the community through training, public event attendance, timely responses to calls, and recruiting new volunteer members and career staff. The members and officers of the fire company are looking forward to 2022 and continuing to serve Downingtown Borough, East Caln Township, and our surrounding communities with pride.

Please Note: the total of 509 emergency calls for the fire company does not include all the calls that weren't dispatched during Hurricane Ida. The best estimate we have for including those calls not dispatched was 650 total calls.