Space Heater Safety Tips
By Firefighter Jeff Cole
January 11, 2022

With the cold temperatures now is great time to review safety tips if you're using a space heater in your home or business. Please take the time to read the articles (links below) and ALWAYS use extreme caution when using a space heater. Remember to never leave a space heater unattended or anywhere near flammable objects. Below are some other tips when using a space heater.

Put your space heater is on a bare, smooth floor.
Do not set it on a shelf, stool or cardboard box
Keep off rugs and carpet
Never tilt your space heater
Never keep it in a wet location like a kitchen/bathroom unless it is designed for it
Manufacturers advise you to plug your space heater directly into a wall outlet instead of a surge protector or extension cord
Keep your space heater a few feet away from the wall where it's plugged in.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends using the three-foot-rule: keep the heater three feet away from anything flammable including furniture and curtains.

Also keep it three feet away from people, especially kids.

All information courtesy of 6ABC and the National Fire Protection Association

Hyperlinks: NFPA Space Heater Safety
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