Accident With Confinement On Lancaster Avenue
By Minquas Fire Company No. 2
July 17, 2019

At 8:18am, DFD crews were returning from a fire alarm at Texas Roadhouse, when they came upon a 2 vehicle accident at the intersection of the Route 30 bypass and E. Lancaster Ave in East Caln. After further investigation, one driver was found to be confined to the vehicle and several subjects were injured. Battalion 46 (Brooks) established "Lancaster Avenue Command" and requested an additional ambulance to the scene and fire police for traffic control. Crews from Engine 46-1 and Tower 45 removed the driver's side door to access the confined subject, and assisted EMS with loading the patients into the ambulance. Hazards were secured on the vehicles, debris and fluids were cleared from the roadway, and fire police safely directed traffic through the area. Fire units remained until the police conducted an investigation and the vehicles were removed from the scene.

DFD returned at 8:55am.

Units: Engine 46-1; MICU 46-3
Mutual Aid: Tower 45; MICU 187-1; Fire Police; Downingtown PD